FLP019 Hovering - Nektarios Manaras

From the Greek island of Chalkis comes a very special debut by Nektarios Manaras celebrating magical sea life, the ancient Metéora rock pillar complex of monastries and dancing flowers.
Glistening with gorgeous instrumentation, Hovering is a languid album full of fantastical imagery and whispered half truths. As the music plays, whales slowly submerge and monks scale the rock face to pray while the earth floats its way around the sun.
It is an album to soak in on sun-dappled days, as the sun sinks beneath the sea and everything for that one moment seems perfect.
As Manaras puts it: “The main idea is that everything in the universe and earth is floating in such a beautiful way. That is the feeling I'm trying to capture with my music.”
And he certainly has.

Two tracks from Hovering can be heard here

Mastered by George Priniotakis at Artracks Recording Studios

Released: May 8, 2013.
Cost: $12.
Edition of 100 handmade and numbered CD-Rs.


"Deeper and deeper, the descent is a pure submersion of pleasure, where bass lines linger in ancient caverns, and snaking creatures of the deep continue to fascinate with their unique stripes, dashes of colour and stream-lined course. Hovering creates sights that are somewhat alien, strange and exotic to our eyes." -- A Closer Listen.

"Hovering is a gem that should not be missed by fans of warm, polylayered Ambient structures with spacier undertones." -- Ambient Exotica

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